Congo Bill's Jungle Love
Congo Chronicle 14: The Mines of Ophir!
We join Congo Bill and Professor Joe Kent in Action Comics #38 (July 1941) on a quest for rare plants!
Jesus, Kent, enough with the plants. No wonder Bill’s itching to cut bait and run. Here’s a tip - if you want to find rare tropical plants that no one’s seen before, you might want to try someplace besides the middle of the African savannah.
Ah, but if it’s men you’re after….

Bill shows his tender, caring side as he cradles the dying man and pumps him for information!

Seems the unfortunate chap was on an expedition with his brother, in search of the fabled mines of Ophir. But the brother went crazy, shot his brother, and stole the map! Once Bill hears the whole story…
The very soul of compassion. You should volunteer for Hospice, CB!

Now, why doesn’t someone who’s good at expostulation tell us about these mines of Ophir?

Thanks, Prof! I’ll just add that Ophir is mentioned in the Bible as the source of much of King Solomon’s wealth, and has been theorized to be located in Zimbabwe, as well as Pakistan, India, and even Australia. Adventure writer H. Rider Haggard, in King Solomon’s Mines, placed it in South Africa, scene of many of Congo Bill’s own adventures!
Following clues given them by the dead man, Bill and Prof go in search of the Red Cliffs!
Just then, they are ambushed by some vicious savages! Luckily….

(Of course, being a savage, he doesn’t know that the proper spelling is B’Wana. Ha ha stupid savages!)
I can think of no explanation for Professor Kent having “lost ten pounds” other than that he shit his pants.
Bill tracks the evil brother to the edge of the cliffs, where the brother opens fire! But Bill is saved by the jungle tracker’s best friend, the lucky break!

Unfortunately, Bill is unable to exact personal revenge, as the brother suddenly explodes. Yes, that’s right, I said explodes. What’s the explanation for this mysterious explosion?

Well, thank goodness that’s settled. And look - - next month we have an unusual adventure to look forward to!

Elsewhere in Action Comics this month…

Mr. America lures a man into an alley!

The Black Pirate is invited to a ball!

The Three Aces wonder what to do with a girl!

Pep Morgan, athletic ace, cruises the park!

Zatara is surpised by a premature ejection!

And Superman discovers the secret behind Lois Lane’s moxy!

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